Farm Gate Marketplace


Here you will find a detailed list of all things available at the Farm Gate, from foods to crafts. See something that piques your interest? Swing by, give us a call or drop us an email we would love to serve you! And of course we are always happy to answer your questions.

Our family loved and raised

Berkshire pork:

Berkshire hogs are a heritage breed known in the culinary circle for its richness, texture, marbling and overall depth of flavor. All our hogs are raised on GMO free feed and fresh garden goodness from wean to slaughter, with the freedom of outside runs for sunshine and fun.

Grass Fed Highland Beef

Highland Cattle are known for their lean well marbled flesh that ensures tenderness and succulence. They are considered healthier and more nutritious then other beef cattle breeds with lower levels of fat and cholesterol.

Why grass fed? Grass fed beef has lower total fat and contains more heart healthy omega-3 fatty acids, more conjugated linoleic acid ( a type of fat that is believed to reduce heart diease and cancer risks) more antioxidant vitamins and more trace minerals. It is more ethical, sustainable and nurtrient-dense then industrial beef.

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