Big Dreams meet first Steps.

In Just 18 short days Shane the 3 kids and I will wake up in our own rooms ( at least the kids, Shane insists I share his). The heat will be on, the fridge running, everyone will turn on every light on their way through our 2400 square foot home. At least 3 people will vist the bathroom at once. We will meet in a kitchen where the coffee is made preprogrammed, the kettle is on, the toaster is toasting, and get ready for our day. The kids will head to school on the bus they have ridden since kindergarten, Shane and I will load the trailer, turn off the lights for the last time and anxiously wait to pick up the key to our dreams.

We have excitedly wandered 33 pieces of land, left behind the style of living we are accustomed and planted our hearts firmly here at SplitRock. We will tuck our selves in that eve in our 840 square foot ( finished) 1 bathroom paradise, we will wake up constantly to keep the only heat source roaring, the lights will all have a beautiful camping propane latern glow and the power a generator at this point also will be resting for the night. We will sleep well in quiet darkness waiting for the sun to rise in the morning on our beautiful piece of land and the homesteading life awaiting us.

4 thoughts on “Big Dreams meet first Steps.

  1. So exciting, you TwentyFirst century pioneers !! Can’t wait to see your new homestead !! I’ll watch out for long dresdin skirts for all you two ladies, there, Amanda !! 💞 Yessiree lets get back to real livin !!

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  2. Congratulations to you both. The happiness you found in each other has now grown into this adventure that you are both so excited for. Love every moment.

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  3. I’m so excited for all of you! I’m glad your dream is becoming reality! You have worked so hard! Love you both and can hardly wait to see what’s in store!

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