Take time to explore and enjoy!

With all the crazy stuff going on the first month here we quickly lost sight of why we are here and it’s joys and beauties. Sunday we took some time to just enjoy, explore and fall in love again.

When we signed our offer Shane and I asked if we could snowshoe the property on Christmas day. We did. We fell even more in love and we got to meet the land owners. We learned that 1 road way is washed out.

So Sunday we snowshoed around this wash out followed a deer trail and found a beautiful creek of spring thaw ( I hope it runs all year)

We walked to the back corner of the 100 acre lot. We can see on the survey there is about a 10 acre pond we share with the adjoining property. Its not much in the picture

It was so breathtaking though…. Time to go back to house stuff hopefully next week as everything thaws and the sap is running we can spend all our time out there!

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