Then there are those moments.

I’ve been loving the little start to farming we have begun. Waking up to let the horse out muck, hay and water. Bottle feeding my little goats ( love life with goats!) watching the quail argue over mealworms and collecting the tiniest prettiest little eggs. I am enjoying the earlier mornings, watching the sun coming up hearing the first birds sing it’s peaceful tranquility. 
Last wednesday kid 2 was sick, Thursday kid 1. Both have seen the doctor had some fluids.The following Tuesday kid 3 has hives!( I’m pretty sure he is allergic to the hay) 

This Wednesday morning kid 1 had a complete meltdown ( he is autisic) because I still won’t let him go to school. Kid 3 was still covered in hives it’s been a long week but we played cards and had a great time. …..

It’s Thursday today, I have work I have to go into do. I have blood work I need done at the lab and kid 3 wakes up his turn with the flu. It got cold last night I can’t get the generator to start so I have no water to make the milk for the goats with…….
Its just going to be one of those days,

 Looking at the sun coming up warming my face waiting for my knight in shining  to rescue me because this Momma is streched to thin….I got the generator running my knight will bring me coffee he is such a blessing to us. My day has turned into just one of those moments and peace has been found again ( mine might be off the farm today…..but found just the same) 

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