Just pause

 Trekked out to check sap buckets,

 On the way into the bush you stress about how fast you can walk out, how long it’s going to take you to get there, how many times you will fall through the snow and how much you have to do when you return. When you arrive to near empty buckets ( which you knew but decided you needed to check anyways) you experience that brief moment of wasted time taking up valuable space in busyness that is life.

If though when you sigh with disappointment you take a deep breath, I mean really breathe close your eyes stop thinking. Once you open them again you know you are right where you need to be.

After a week of work, of sick kids,  kids with allergic reactions and snow days in March. This peace, this calm is just what you need and if you walk slowly back to the house you notice the pair of mallard ducks on the still frozen pond. You realize that even though you are so ready for spring to really come the freezing rain makes the forest look so mystical. 
Your world becomes righted again that simple pause, that deep breath, the peaceful forest is just what you needed to face next week whatever that may bring. You are reengerized and recharged….. Remember that the next time you have to take that to far to long to much wasted time trek and slow down breath deep just pause.

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