Rewiring life…

Well we needed to update our electrical panel for insurance purposes…apparently the 50amps that we produced (at most) was way to much for a 60amp panel we had in the house when we moved in…in order to update the panel it needs to be inspected by esa…this I understand however it is a frustration as we are not plugged to the grid, however if we were to sell and someone else wanted to hook up to the grid it needs to be up to code. When the gentleman who built this place the esa inspection was not a needed requirement for off griders…

So here we are needing an inspection for a panel which results in needing to change where our generator is housed (including digging a new service ditch to run cable to the panel from the genny), grounding the house (was never properly grounded), and after finding out that esa needs to inspect all the electrical in the house I looked at some of the devices and decided it was safer to rewire the house (this has resulted in walls moved and opened up, fishing wires, lots of hours of work on top of working full time). I disconnected the generator from the house so it is no longer a danger after some of the interesting wiring techniques used in the past wiring of the house.

The silver lining at the end of all this is…wait for it….we will have an up to date, up to code electrical system that I know where every wire runs and what circuit runs what…but the best part is knowing it will be SAFE! That means my kids and my wife and pets are safe in the house with no concern over electrical issues of the past.

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