New-ish members of the farm

Chickens, I believe a staple at every farm and Split Rock is no exception. I knew just the ones to Silver Laced Wyandottes, the original of the Wyandottes an American heritage  breed of the 1870s, dual purpose and rose combed excellent for our cold winters. Not as easy to find as I first thought with all the great things going for them, but find some I did.

Our first adventure in late March, we travelled quite a distance for 25 day olds we preordered in January when our farm life became a reality.  Upon arrival for pick up only 19 day olds hatched ( over about a to week period) so we picked up these cuties as well hopefully our future incubators.

The first challenge was keeping the little ones warm, they spent the first 24 hours in our propane oven ( cracked open of course) until we could get a small generator running 24/7. Keeping brooder lights on without constant power proved to be a challenging feat I spent one night on the couch with my sleeping babies on my chest under a house coat because the generator decided it needed an oil change at 2am.

The next obstacle, I admittedly was so excited to actually find a source for the chicks I wanted I didn’t do enough research on the people supplying them to me a mistake I will not make again. After we got the heat situation figured out we lost chicks almost every other day. It called for drastic measures I didn’t want to take but we treated the remainders with some medication and although the numbers are way done we now have 8 happy, healthy little chicks growing well and fast, eating mealworms and fresh greens and now organic scratch. Getting ready for their transition to outside living….. With their ever faithful watchdog by their side.

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